Blade Runner Tomenosuke Blaster STEEL Replacement Barrel Movie Prop Replica

Here we have a STEEL replacement barrel for the Tomenosuke Blaster as used by Rick Deckard in Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049.  (it may fit others, see below)

This auction is for one barrel only; all photos of the Tomenosuke prop are for illustrative purposes only!

This is a direct replacement for the ABS barrel of the Charter Arms Bulldog that is used in the Tomenosuke replica.  Also included are the two front screws.

We have successfully replaced the barrels of four different revisions of the Tomen replica.  We have not tested these on any other type of replica.

It may fit others, but we can't test this replica prop part on all different makes and models.

We are not responsible for this part not fitting on your replica.

All you have to do it cut off the existing plastic Bulldog barrel and steel insert with a hack-saw or Dremel tool and file the frame flat.  The replacement presses into place perfectly and doesn't need any glue.

Once you assemble the remaining components, all of the other screws lock the barrel in-place very securely.  All of the required holes have already been drilled and threaded, so no modifications to this barrel are needed.   This process can be accomplished in about 30 minutes.

This is a direct drop-in replacement! 

Each barrel is CNC-machined, so the tolerances are very tight and all screw-hole locations are right on the mark. 

This steel replacement can be blued or painted to match the finish on your specific replica.  Contact us before you buy with any questions or requests.

This faux-barrel is drilled back about 3 1/2 inches, so it looks completely hollow if you stare down its interior. 

Of course, it is solid on the rear section for the slot to attach to the frame.

Obviously, this does not enable the replica to shoot anything as the barrel is is replacing didn't allow that either.

There is no rifling in this faux dummy barrel. 

If you would like the barrel internally threaded for 1/2-20 (to add an extension barrel or mock suppressor) please contact us. The cost for this is $10 extra. 

If you would like it chemically blued and sealed with Remington gun oil sealer, the additional cost is $20.

For your amusement, there are some pics of a "sniper pistol" modification that we recently did for a customer using two of these barrels with a custom threaded male end on the front one and a faux airsoft suppressor.  Pretty cool, huh? 

This is for one barrel only; all photos of the Tomenosuke prop are for illustrative purposes only! 


Made in the USA!

Please allow up to 20 business days for processing/shipping





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