Aliens Pulse Rifle Barrel Support Triangle STEEL Movie Prop Replica Part

Here we have a welded STEEL barrel support ring set.  This is for the M41-A Pulse Rifle as seen in Aliens.

The steel ring will fit over a barrel with an Outer Diameter OD of 14.0 to 14.5mm.  The bottom hole is counter-sunk for a 10-32 CS Allen head screw (included).

Notice the steel sling attachment ring that is welded to the part.  It is extremely strong and once attached to your replica, will support the weight of fully built Pulse Rifle, which is about 23 lbs.

This part is specifically designed to fit a replica by HGC, Matsucorp and, of course, SD Studios, Limited.  It may fit others, but we can't test this replica prop part on all replica pulse rifles.  We are not responsible for this part not fitting yon your replica.

HOWEVER, we can custom make the ring with a larger OD to suit your needs!
Contact us so we can discuss the details for your custom part.

This is certainly much better than a resin or 3D printed support!

These are made in very small batches so when they are sold out, it will be a while before they will be available again. 

Made in the USA!

Please allow up to 20 business days for processing/shipping


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