NASA V2 Rocket Poster

Each Aero-Art blueprint is digitally scanned from original, vintage NASA artwork. Our artists then sharpen and define the detail and colors, and remove tears, creases, coffee stains, etc. Each pristine file is then printed on acid-free, archival 100# paper and ships rolled in a protective bag and tube with an informational label.

The V-2 rocket,  technical name Aggregat-4 (A-4), was used by the Germans during World War II against the population of England. After the war, Wernher von Braun and the other scientists who built this, were brought to America (during Operation Paperclip) to begin the USA’s rocket program. Working in relative isolation in Fort Bliss, TX, the scientists created a series of rockets that eventually led to the building of the Saturn Vthat took men to the moon.

On this brownline you can see the layout of this infamous rocket, and it’s likeness to it’s immediate successors, such as the JunoJupiter-CNavahoThor, and the Atlas. The history of manned spaceflight started with the V-2, and this historic brownline shows you it’s beginnings.

Dimensions: 22"x16"

Weight: 0.2lbs/0.09kg

Made in the USA!

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing/shipping


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