Yeti Track Casting

The elusive and legendary Yeti first appeared in folklore of the 19th century, birthed in stories told in Tibet, Nepal, China, and Bhutan. It is said to be terrifying to behold; described as a large, tall, hair-covered primate, emitting freakish screams and high-pitched whistles.

Like Bigfoot, it’s theoretical genetic cousin in the western hemisphere, the yeti gives off a decidedly foul odor. It has never been captured dead or alive. So what evidence do we have of its existence?

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary, modern day hero and the first person to conquer the summit of Mount Everest, saw large footprints on the slope of the world’s tallest Himalayan peak. To Hillary, this was possible evidence of a Yeti or “abominable snowman” as it is often called.

In 1954, the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, financed a “Snowman Expedition” led by mountaineer John Angelo Jackson, who made the first trek from Everest to Kanchenjunga. He tracked and photographed a number of large, unidentifiable footprints in the snow, which he determined to be Yeti tracks.

Dimensions: 14"x 9.75"x 1.75"

Weight: 2.6lbs/1.17kg

Made in the USA!

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing/shipping


In 1960, a journalist interviewed Khunjo Chumbi, the headman of a Sherpa village. Chumbi confided to the reporter horrifying accounts of yetis carrying off human beings during raids on remote mountain villages.
He explained that the Sherpa people believe there was a great gathering of the Yetis two hundred and forty years ago by a mountain village: "The villagers tried to get all of the Yetis drunk, so they would fight each other... unfortunately, the Yetis escaped, with the exception of a single pregnant female who was slaughtered by a lama (Buddhist) monk".

Tales told of the Yeti, long a part of Nepalese lore, remain a subject of fascination in modern pop culture. The abominable snowman is undoubtedly alive in our minds and imaginations. Hair samples, supposed torn scalps, and castings of footprints, purportedly made by the abominable snowman, have all been presented as evidence over the years of its existence.

Now, Master Replicas offers you the rare opportunity to own our recreation of one particular piece of physical evidence for yourself.

This is our largest and most-unique Arcane replica so far! Our Yeti-track display measures in at a whopping 13" by 11" by approximately 2" thick (depths vary) and weighs about three pounds!

We challenged our staff to create a display unlike any other that we have ever seen...Our goal was to create a display, as if you had chopped a hunk of frozen snow and ice from Mount Everest and brought it back to show your friends. We are happy to say that they succeeded!

This piece uses a unique combination of clear resins, white, silver, and pearlescent fillers, ground crystal, and expanding foam to create a presentation that literally looks like a real, frighteningly-large footprint, pressed into translucent ice and snow; suspended forever in time! The Yeti track pattern was copied directly from photographs of supposedly-real tracks that were encountered on Mount Everest.

Our sculptors then used reported measurements and transferred this pattern into a 3-D negative sculpture, unlike anything you have seen before! Photographs do not do this piece justice! You have to see it in person… As you move it around in room light, the ice and snow crystals glisten and light filters through the translucent layers. The effect is mesmerizing!

Due to the time and complexity of manufacturing this piece, we will only have a relatively small quantity on-hand at any given time, so grab yours NOW! 

Manufactured by MR in our facility in Pennsylvania, USA. Due to the really weird process we use to make these, the color and density will vary.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing/shipping

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